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Чары полетели за ней. После не продолжительного завтрака, Аму снова заперлась в комнате. Как ни крути, а сегодня она должна былаЯйцо тихонько треснуло и из него появился чара хранитель. Это была красивая чара. Бледное лицо такие же чёрные как и у хозяйки волосы, и...

~Poker Face~ Amu woke to the sound of her alarm. She hit the annoying clock before rolling towards the wall. She had to get up for classes, but mornings were not her best friend. Utau, whom was best friend, decided that Amu had slept long enough. She tiptoed over to the pinkette's bed before leaning down to place her mouth just over Amu's ear. Amuto☆*¤°•.ღShugo charaღ.:°*Poker_ Face*°:. - YouTube this video talk about the love story of amu and ikuto (amuto)...anime:Shugo chara (ep 76) face - Lady gaga....opening song:With me - sum41 ... Pokerface SHUGO CHARA!!!!^^ - YouTube

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♥♠♣♦Poker Face Shugo Chara♥♠♣♦ An AMV i made. Please don't steal. Check out my youtube account for more videos : sailormoon4289: 1 fan. Submitted by sailormoon4289 over a year ago: Other Half. Tsukiyomi Ikuto. Amulet Spade. Shugo Chara!! Doki DVD 16. Shugo Chara DVD 7. Shugo Chara! Forums | FanFiction Dec 16, 2012 · Shugo chara RP 10 You can RP here. The actual characters of Shugo chara are included, but you can be a guardian to replace them. Please read rules/and then sign up, for I must approve your character. Have fun. English - Topics: 2 - Since: 03-31-10 - Kuro.Solstice xxxx Ao.Eclipse

Morg: Nope! Enjoy! I own nothing! Oh and the inspiration is from Lady Gaga's song Poker Face, which I don't own either but I always sing along to. P.S. The story is all in normal pov and the breaks simply mean a scene switch or from the girls to the boys or something. ~POKE FACE~ The cards were laid face up on the green table.

Shugo Chara's Poker Face ♪★ - YouTube Please watch in High Quality! 20th in 2009 Summer AMV Contest (1-100 places) *_____* Whooottttttt O__O over 4000 favs guyz?! O___O Thx chu so much..;D * sorry i'm stupid guyz..xD i saw another ... Magical Girl Transformations Poker Face - YouTube I first wanted to use a completely different song.. But no... Here we going again! Songs: TFK - War Of Change/Lady Gaga - Poker Face Animes: Shugo Chara DokiDoki Precure Secret x Warrior ... Shugo Chara Poker Face - YouTube I do not own the song or the show Shugo Chara! ^_____^ This is for the entrance video thingy for COOL BREEZE STUDIOS~! I hope you all like it!!! ... Shugo Chara Poker Face hatsunemiku011. Loading...

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Скачать MP3 бесплатно: shugo chara-Poker face… shugo chara-Poker face (Nightcore) - Скачать mp3 бесплатно. Прочитать или написать Фанфики про Чара хранители (Shugo… Прочитать или написать Фанфики по теме фан-клуба Чара хранители (Shugo chara). Здесь можно высказаться, написать фанфик, запостить новости, обзор или статью. . Выступления с трибуны, отсортированные по дате добавления. Последние выступления вверху. shugo chara-Poker face (Nightcore) : Скачать mp3 песни… Найденные mp3 песни: shugo chara-Poker face (Nightcore).